Workers Compensation In Wisconsin

What To Expect From Your Claim

Workers Comp ClaimIn order for you to better understand the Wisconsin workers comp claim system, let’s start by breaking down the process each workers comp claim goes through on its way to getting either approved or denied.

Employee Reports Injury to Employer:

You should report any job-related injuries or illnesses to your employer immediately. However, you have up to two years to report an injury. There is no time limitation to report an occupational disease.

Employer Reports Injury to Insurer:

Once your employer has actual knowledge of your injury, they have seven days to report it to their workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

Insurer Reports to Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Division:

The insurance carrier then has 14 days to file all injury reports involving compensable claims with Wisconsin’s Workers’ Compensation Division.

Payment for Lost-Time or Permanent Disability:

Your employer’s insurance carrier will either agree to compensate you for your injury or deny the insurance claim.

Should your claim for workers compensation in Wisconsin be denied, the insurance company must notify you within seven days of receiving the claim and include their reasons for denial. It is at this point you should contact an experienced Wisconsin work injury claims attorney to discuss your rights. Lisa Pierobon Mays and Mays Law Office will represent your interests as an injured Wisconsin worker against insurance companies attempting to deny you workers’ compensation benefits. Call (608) 257-0440 for a free consultation.