Your Responsibilities when Filing a Claim

Work accident injuries can sometimes be so severe that extensive medical treatments and a prolonged recovery period are necessary to ensure a full recuperation. Victims of workplace accidents may also face mounting medical bills and lost wages while recovering from their injuries.  It’s important to understand your responsibilities in these cases.

Wisconsin workers’ compensation benefits are provided to employees injured in a work accident or workers who have become ill as a result of their occupation. Such benefits cover both necessary and reasonable medical expenses and wages lost during recovery. Lisa Pierobon Mays is a work injury claims lawyer dedicated to representing injured Wisconsin workers who have filed for and subsequently been denied workers’ compensation benefits.

Your Responsibilities as an Injured Worker

To ensure that your Wisconsin workers’ compensation claim is not denied, there are certain steps that you, your employer and your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier must take.Your Responsibilities in a Work Injury

  1. The first and most important step in the workers’ compensation process is to notify your employer of your injury immediately. Since some injuries can become severe long after the initial accident, it is important that you report the injury even if it is minor and you feel it will heal without medical treatment. Your employer will have a record of the incident which can be referred to if your injury worsens. Always keep a copy of your Report of Injury.
  2. Second, you must obtain the necessary medical attention, no matter how minor. Failure to do so may disqualify you from receiving Wisconsin workers’ compensation benefits.
  3. Keep records of all relevant medical treatment and payments that may be used to your benefit should your claim be denied or disputed.
  4. Continue to maintain written communication with your employer and its workers’ compensation insurance provider. Always keep copies and records of all your communication and correspondence with them.

It is then the responsibility of your employer to report your injury to their workers’ compensation insurance carrier. The insurance company will then report your injury to the Wisconsin Department of Workers’ Compensation Division and pay all necessary and reasonable medical expenses. If your claim is denied, call Workers Comp Wisconsin immediately at (608) 719-3882.

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