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Very happy with the results of Lisa working on my case

Being denied my worker’s comp claim was one of the most devastating events of my life. I’m very happy with the results of Lisa working on my case.

From the moment I walked in the office and was greeted by a dog, I knew I was in the right place. In my original meeting with Lisa, she was very kind and thorough. She examined all my paperwork while listening to my complicated story. She explained the upcoming process and guided me on what decisions to make.

During my ongoing case, she was extremely helpful. She was convenient to reach via email and always answered questions, no matter how trivial. She never sugar coated anything but didn’t deliver it in a matter that stung. Lisa would encourage and steer me when I needed to make a hard phone call to straighten out information.

When it finally came time to settle my claim, Lisa truly shined. She thoroughly answered all my questions and calmed my worries. Lisa had every detail planned out and handled every matter with the insurance company. At the end of the day, she truly had my best interest at heart getting me a fantastic settlement outside of a court setting. This was a huge stress relief.

I’m very grateful I chose her and am happy I can now move on with my life. ~September

Choose the Right Workers Comp Law Firm

There are several workers comp law firms around and it is one of the biggest choices you might ever have to make – you better choose well! I chose well!! Even though I live a few hours away I only had to visit your office once when we met you and your office dog – we already knew this was going to be ok. No one, I believe, would have worked harder for my settlement and you were always an email, fax, or phone call away, and always got back to me soon! You were fearless with the big insurance fifty lawyer law firms and I think you like going up against them big boys! Like I said I made the right choice. Thank you again Lisa. ~ Garry, Marshfield, WI

Highly Recommend Attorney Lisa Pierobon Mays

I had a worker’s compensation injury which my employer’s insurance company originally agreed to cover. However, when further treatment was needed my claim was denied. I tried contacting a few different attorneys before I found Attorney Lisa Pierobon Mays. The other attorneys either didn’t return my phone calls or were unwilling to take my case. Attorney Pierobon Mays listened carefully to my situation and agreed to take my case. She worked diligently and was able to get the insurance company to cover treatment and pay for lost time while I was off of work. Attorney Pierobon Mays was also able to get the insurance company to accept a retraining claim when I was unable to return to my previous line of work. Anytime a problem arose, Attorney Pierobon Mays was only a phone call or an email away. I would highly recommend Attorney Lisa Pierobon Mays to anyone with a worker’s compensation claim. -B.N.

Lisa is Bright, Thorough, Informed, a Skilled Negotiator, Listens, Doesn’t Miss a Detail, and Isn’t Intimidated by the Process or Opposing Counsel

While working in my profession, I was hit in the hip by a car, causing a permanent mobility disability from the injuries in both legs. I was overwhelmed with the immediate physical changes in my daily life, worrying about the future impact, dealing with insurance companies, and coping with a robust range of related emotional aspects — stressful and exhausting! I needed to channel all of my energy into recovering as best I could. It was serendipity that I saw Lisa’s TV ad right when I felt the need to retain an attorney, when workers’ compensation decided they didn’t want to continue covering my ongoing medical care. The ad portrayed professionalism and specializing in workers’ compensation cases, so I trusted the choice to call her, even though I was a little skeptical, simply because of the feelings associated with being a victim. It was consistently clear to me from the first impression through settlement negotiations, that I was well represented. She made time for me, kept me involved in decision-making, and helped me feel grounded when the process made me feel bitter. The peace of mind that brings to a vulnerable injured person — as they say, priceless! Lisa is bright, thorough, informed, a skilled negotiator, listens, doesn’t miss a detail, and isn’t intimidated by the process or opposing counsel. My case was a complex pedestrian-vehicle accident that was also a workers’ comp. case — she had to juggle multiple perspectives, she kept my motor vehicle accident attorney informed and positioned to go on seamlessly to represent me well in the rest of the process. I was not only represented well, Lisa truly cared about me, my welfare. She’s simply the best! Without hesitation, I highly recommend Lisa Mays! — MJS, Ph.D.

Lisa Went Out of Her Way

Lisa was my lawyer against a company where I’d worked for 35 years, and was injured while at work on January 7, 2008. My injuries were significant and required several surgeries. My company told me I would always have a job, but that was not to be the case. Instead my company let me go in June of 2009.

It didn’t take long for the company to leave me to fend for myself. They told me to apply for unemployment, but then did everything they could to delay me from receiving my benefits.

I sought the help of Lisa Mays, who didn’t push me to sign on months earlier as other lawyers had. Lisa’s fees were also far less than other lawyers I had talked with.

Lisa went out of her way to make sure that the settlement that I received was fair and would aid me in the future financially. It didn’t stop with just the settlement. Lisa continues to answer my questions and to assist me with medical bills as well as to recommend another lawyer to assist me with obtaining Social Security Benefits.

I can’t thank Lisa enough for all that she has done for me and would highly recommend her services to anyone who requires assistance with a work related injury. -S.F.

A Ray of Sunshine During a Dark Period

When I first met Lisa, I was very up front with her regarding my opinion of attorneys; based on some rather negative past experiences. However, I soon found out Lisa was not only a ray of sunshine in a very dark period in my daughter’s life: she was a rock. I watched in total amazement as she faced the complexities of the worker’s compensation case involving my daughter; not backing down one inch as she prevailed against the employer and brought the case to a fair and just resolution. In my next short story, you can be assured the main character will be a feisty, witty ball of fire female attorney who prevails not only in the courtroom, but as a friend. Thank you, Lisa, for taking on the ‘big boys’ for [client]. You have made her future so much brighter. – K.P.

Exceptional Services of Lisa Pierobon Mays

I would like to comment on the exceptional services of Lisa Pierobon Mays and her law office. I met with Lisa in March 2012 regarding a worker’s compensation case. She consulted with me and told me I did have a pursuable case. Lisa was very knowledgeable and current on all issues of the law, regulations, etc. She kept me informed every step of the way. She was honest and forthright about all issues regarding my case. We were able to reach an agreement with the insurance carrier and employer in November 2012. I can’t thank Lisa and her staff enough for their expertise and ability to settle this in such a timely fashion. I have already recommended her to someone and will continue to recommend her if someone needs a competent attorney. Thank you again. -TK