Highly Recommend Attorney Lisa Pierobon Mays

I had a worker’s compensation injury which my employer’s insurance company originally agreed to cover. However, when further treatment was needed my claim was denied. I tried contacting a few different attorneys before I found Attorney Lisa Pierobon Mays. The other attorneys either didn’t return my phone calls or were unwilling to take my case. Attorney Pierobon Mays listened carefully to my situation and agreed to take my case. She worked diligently and was able to get the insurance company to cover treatment and pay for lost time while I was off of work. Attorney Pierobon Mays was also able to get the insurance company to accept a retraining claim when I was unable to return to my previous line of work. Anytime a problem arose, Attorney Pierobon Mays was only a phone call or an email away. I would highly recommend Attorney Lisa Pierobon Mays to anyone with a worker’s compensation claim. -B.N.