Very happy with the results of Lisa working on my case

Being denied my worker’s comp claim was one of the most devastating events of my life. I’m very happy with the results of Lisa working on my case.

From the moment I walked in the office and was greeted by a dog, I knew I was in the right place. In my original meeting with Lisa, she was very kind and thorough. She examined all my paperwork while listening to my complicated story. She explained the upcoming process and guided me on what decisions to make.

During my ongoing case, she was extremely helpful. She was convenient to reach via email and always answered questions, no matter how trivial. She never sugar coated anything but didn’t deliver it in a matter that stung. Lisa would encourage and steer me when I needed to make a hard phone call to straighten out information.

When it finally came time to settle my claim, Lisa truly shined. She thoroughly answered all my questions and calmed my worries. Lisa had every detail planned out and handled every matter with the insurance company. At the end of the day, she truly had my best interest at heart getting me a fantastic settlement outside of a court setting. This was a huge stress relief.

I’m very grateful I chose her and am happy I can now move on with my life. ~September